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No two sessions are alike. But, the majority of them include one or more of the following elements
(Sketches provided by our Visual Thinkers):


The "Popcorn" Phase - Participants are stimulated and encouraged to generate as many ideas as possible without being evaluated. This part of the Ideation Session is rapid paced as ideas are "popping up" in a fast and furious fashion.
The "Build-Out" Phase -We work with your participants to build-out the Best Ideas with the Greatest Potential so they include more depth, dimension and detail.  The Visual Thinkers are critical in this phase by helping bring the best ideas to life via real-time sketches. The Build Out Phase
The Gallery Walk Phase The "Gallery Walk" Phase - At the end of the day, we bring all the participants together as a group for presentations of the final ideas.  This allows everyone an opportunity to review them, ask questions and to weigh in with comments, builds or enhancements.
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Ideation Sessions
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Ideation Sessions

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